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Station Square is waiting...

When it comes to your night out on the town in Pittsburgh, you want everything to go smoothly. After all, this is your time to relax, let loose, and party in a carefree fashion with all of your closest friends. Here at Station Square, the opportunities for fun are seemingly limitless, and that makes it a popular destination for locals looking to take part in some night time excitement. With the selections found here, it will be easy to plan a night out, but have you thought about transportation? The best choice is Party Bus Pittsburgh!

A party bus will give you th experience you're looking for.

When it comes to positive experiences, party buses are the best way to get around in Pittsburgh. If you don't believe us, just ask around! You'll find that when it comes to professional transportation options in the area, a party bus offers the most features, convenience, and luxury. When you rent your party bus from Party Bus Pittsburgh, you're practically guaranteed a night filled with all of the things you love the most; laughter, smiles, dancing, and good company.

With a professional chauffeur who is able to take you wherever you want to go, you'll find that your bar hopping experience isn't limited to just Station Square when you rent with Party Bus Pittsburgh. They have the experience and skills to take you wherever your heart desires, and you'll be turning heads in the process! Their vehicle features go above and beyond the competition, with all of the things you'll need to have a great time including subwoofer equipped sound systems, premium bar areas, dancing poles, color changing lighting, comfortable leather interiors, plasma television screens, and much more.